What is a Secret Recovery Phrase and how to keep your crypto wallet secure?

New to the crypto world? This explainer should help. 

The secret recovery phrases are a crucial element for the security of your crypto wallet.

These phrases are a 12, 18, or 24-word phrase that lies at the core of private key generation for every cryptocurrency you hold. It is the only backup of your private keys. It allows you to restore the private keys providing access to your crypto assets in every corresponding wallet. The recovery phrase is sometimes called mnemonic seed.

To make things clearer, let’s suppose you change your phone or computer. And one fine day, you want to check you wallet and realize that the app is empty. What do you do now? Did you just lose your crypto forever?

Not yet. Not as long as you still have your seed phrase.

You can restore your funds right away. In the wallet, you can enter your seed phrase and boom, you regain access to your private keys and your cryptocurrencies.

This is why you always have to keep your secret recovery phrases safe and secure. And right below, we will tell you how.

How to securely store your seed phrases?

People often note their seed phrases in documents or write them down on paper and keep them hidden somewhere. But ask yourself, how many such notes did you lose? What if your dog eats it?

It is worth taking the risk with your cryptocurrencies? Certainly not. It’s not a good idea to write down a seed phrase giving access to all of your funds and leave it unsecured.

The security-conscious crypto users prefer to use ngraveledger or trezor, or at least if you must write down your seeds or use a USB key, store it inside your safe or a bank’s deposit box.

Not even the teams building blockchains can help you recover your account or wallet if you lose your Seed Phrase. As long as you keep this phrase safe and sound, your wallet will be secure.

If you’re more of a visual learner, this quick video from Metamask should help.


This has been mentioned already, but it doesn’t hurt to be thorough: anyone who has your Secret Recovery Phrase or private keys could send any tokens out of your accounts.

Phishing attacks are unfortunately an all too common threat when using the internet. Cryptocurrencies aren’t an exception. Here is an excellent writing from NGRAVE to identify and avoid the most common ones.

Never share your Secret Recovery Phrase or private keys with anyone – not even with folks claiming to be from the team.

We will never ask you for this information. If anyone claims to be a project’s team member and asks you for this information, please report them immediately.