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Stake any asset, earn $ATOM, and join the Cosmos ecosystem with our IBEX Loyalty Program!
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Validators Investors Visionaries Many One.

We operate validators, build software, and participate in the rise of the blockchain industry.

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The Exclusive IBEX Program: Boost Your Rewards & Influence

Unlock Non-Custodial, Account-Less Incentives

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Our unique IBEX Incentive Program amplifies your staking rewards while granting you IBEX fidelity points. Redeem these points for additional $ATOM as you reach specific milestones and actively shape the direction of our future projects.

Experience the perks of the IBEX program:

Our Supported Networks

Delegate your funds to our nodes and earn staking rewards

Supported Testnets



Terra Pisco



Why Choose High Stakes?

Unwavering Reliability & Unmatched Expertise

Global Reach

Our Switzerland-based team operates a worldwide infrastructure for optimal resilience and uptime.

Robust Security

Our secure cloud infrastructure is backed by a skilled IT team and round-the-clock monitoring.

100% SLA on Rewards

With our unrivaled availability guarantees, you'll never miss a block reward or face uptime slashing.

Swiss Regulation

In Switzerland, we're shielded from governmental pressures, ensuring seamless node operation.

Skin In the Game

By staking our own cryptocurrencies, our interests align with those of our token holders.

Community Champions

We create tools, apps, and provide technical support to empower the crypto community.

Governance Advocates

We actively engage in network proposals and amplify token holder voices in governance matters.

24/7 Support

Our dedicated Discord server ensures you can always reach us, anytime, anywhere.

Low fees

We prioritize low fees while maintaining a secure and reliable node infrastructure.

Tendermint Chain Services

Technical Services for the Community

Slash Protected

100% soft slash protection on all networks

By launching insurance coverage against slashing risks, High Stakes Switzerland is taking staking protection to the next level. Stakers can now deposit tokens with the added confidence of knowing their funds have an extra safeguard against penalties imposed on validators. 

High Stakes Switzerland will allocate a portion of its own resources to fund coverage for users against slashing losses.

Check our insurance wallets with the links below!