The IBEX Loyalty Program

Revolutionizing Crypto Staking Rewards

Staking on High Stakes validators? Congratulations! You’re eligible for our continuous IBEX airdrop, allowing you to earn additional staking rewards.

Your rewards are calculated based on the dollar amount of your staked assets and distributed daily. Exchange your IBEX for Cosmos’s ATOM tokens at a fixed rate of 1000 IBEX for 1 ATOM, anytime.

Supercharge Your Staking Experience

Tailored for Every Investor

Introducing the IBEX Loyalty Program – an innovative approach to rewarding you for staking tokens on our validators.

Whether you’re a seasoned cryptocurrency investor or just starting out, our loyalty program is designed to help you get more out of your proof-of-stake holdings. 

With our intuitive platform and daily airdrops, it’s effortless to start earning IBEX rewards.

Premium Staking Rewards

an innovative approach to reward you for staking on our validators

High Stakes is committed to harnessing the potential of decentralized finance (DeFi) to redefine the global financial landscape.

Our mission is to offer exceptional staking solutions that optimize your cryptocurrency earnings while minimizing risk.

Our cutting-edge technology, industry expertise, and seamless user experience make the High Stakes Loyalty Program the ideal choice for maximizing your digital assets.

Maintain Complete Control and Security

Safeguarding Your Assets and Autonomy

The non-custodial nature of our program ensures you retain control over your assets at all times. Our highly secure and reliable validators guarantee that your staked tokens are protected and generate maximum rewards.

Regardless of your experience with cryptocurrency investments, the IBEX Loyalty Program is the perfect solution for enhancing your staking rewards.

Experience the IBEX Loyalty Program and unlock the full potential of your staking rewards, no matter your level of cryptocurrency investment experience!


How it works

Participants can register by connecting a wallet (either through Cosmostation or Keplr, more integrations to come), and are identified by the Cosmos Network address associated with this account.

They can afterwards activate any available network: the staked amount will be picked up and used to calculate their IBEX allocation. All delegators can register, however, they can start earning IBEX points only if they stake overall at least $500.

Each day, the IBEX points earned will be calculated and allocated; their amount will vary based on the changes in the user’s delegations, exchange rates, and other participants. A quadratic function is used to ensure that “whales” do not earn a disproportionate amount of the daily available IBEX.


To register, you will need to sign a small JSON message with your wallet. This message serves as proof of ownership that you own the wallet and its seed phrase.

Refer to the user guide for more information.

Rewarding the long-term Stakers

Each year in December, a variable amount of ATOMs will be distributed to all the participants, prorated to the IBEX points they earned over the past year, and the number of days they delegated to High Stakes.

The allocated amount of ATOMs will depend on the overall financial results of the company and global market trends, but we will ensure that those who have been loyal to us receive a reward that matches our gratefulness.

Our Airdrops

We take daily snapshots of our delegators, and allocate IBEX points to all the participants that stake with us, every day. IBEX points can be exchanged at any time against $ATOM, coming from the commission of our validators.