Earn additional rewards

through our Staking Fund…

Launching in Q1 2023, High Stakes’ IBEX program will enable delegators to receive extra benefits in addition to their normal staking rewards.

♠ Prorated to the volume they delegate in our validators, the users will receive a share of a fund’s staking rewards in addition to their usual rewards.

♣ Loyalty points, IBEX, will be regularly sent to the users in proportion to their staked amount, and will be redeemable at any time against Cosmos Hub’s ATOMs.

♥ In addition to a portion of its own rewards, the fund will receive a monthly percentage of our nodes’ commissions, ensuring continuous growth.

♦ Until the fund is operational, monthly snapshots will be taken to calculate the initial share of each participant.

Staking Rewards

Generated by our Staking Fund, rewards will continuously flow to every delegator who staked on any of our validators, dramatically increasing base rewards over time.


Activating auto-compounding of your staked funds, along with the fund's steady growth, will ensure that you benefit from one of the best APY in the industry.


The distribution of IBEX loyalty points will be proportional to the staked amounts, capped to a maximum. This will ensure small holders still benefit from the program.


Snapshots will be taken regularly until the launch of the platform. This history will be used for the initial airdrop to reward early Stakers.


Going forward, High Stakes Switzerland will evolve into a DAO which will enable our stakers to shape the future of the company and decide how it is run.

…without even thinking

Firm believers in the distributed technology and with a focus on privacy and security, we are designing our platform to be as simple and efficient as possible: fully non-custodial, requiring no account creation nor any kind of private information.

Users won’t need to perform any particular action other than an optional linking of their wallets to benefit from the program — all it takes is staking on our nodes, which automatically grants access to IBEX loyalty points redeemable against a share of the Staking Fund’s weekly rewards.


May 2021
Team Project

It all started when two brothers with complementary skills and a shared interest in the Cosmos ecosystem decided to run validators for a blockchain... and then more.

Feb 2022
High Stakes History
High Stakes Switzerland Founded

After a year of running nodes on multiple chains and testnets, High Stakes was incorporated in Switzerland with ambitious projects for the future.

June 2022
Grow our validators base

~15 chains supported and growing, among which:

Terra Classic / Terra 2.0 / Cosmos Hub / Injective / Secret Network / Persistence / Provenance / Certik / Band Protocol / Fetch.ai / Desmos / Teritori...

Q1 2023
IBEX Loyalty Points
Launch of High Stakes' IBEX Staking Fund

The IBEX Staking Fund project, in development since April, is officially launched, addressing a number of flaws and shortcomings in the current market through a new paradigm.

Q3 2023
User experience
Launch of a Dashboard Platform

Leveraging the Staking Fund's rapid growth, a user dashboard and data visualization platform is developed.

Fund faster growth
Additional Networks Integration

By reinvesting part of its revenue, High Stakes enters the active set of other chains and provides new opportunities to the Staking Fund users.

Partner with the best
Scale-up partnerships and content

Establishment of partnerships with Swiss institutions to increase awareness and usage of cryptocurrencies among the public.

Onwards and upwards!
Top 10 Validator Teams

High Stakes sets to become an essential actor in the global blockchain industry, providing public services and technical assistance to the whole Cosmos ecosystem.